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ZwahlenDesign Color Palettes online several available!

The ZwahlenDesign Color Palettes [1] and the extensions "ZD Color Palettes" [2] are online several available: Directory "ZwahlenDesign Color Palettes" and Directory Extension "ZD Color Palettes".


Translate extension "ZD Color Palettes" in your language

The language stings of the LibreOffice ( extension "ZD Color Palettes" [1] are in the t() functions. Code example:

t(NUMBER, "English text") = "YOUR LANGUAGE text."

LibreOffice Extension: ZD Color Palettes!

Color Palettes and Standard Color Palettes Manager

Icon ZD Color Palettes 2.0.1

The extension ZD Color Palettes 2.0.1 is now available [1]! It includes the ZwahlenDesign Color Palettes 8.0 and standard color palettes manager. The extension is for LibreOffice 3.3.1 or higher, 3.3 or other LibreOffice/ 3.3 or higher based office suites. All changes and news of version 2.0.1 are marked in the Changelog. Have fun!

Badge 2.0.1

Download Extension ZD Color Palettes 2.0.1 Security: Tested by Webutation as 100% save.

Wrong language!? The extension is not in your language availabe? Help is welcome: Just translate this extension.

Tip: See the demonstration video!
(551 KB, 42 seconds, ogv, GNU FDLv 1.3).


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