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Bildschirmfoto ZwahlenDesign Color Palettes 8.0

The Color Palettes "ZwahlenDesign Color Palettes 8.0"[1] are now available! All changes and news of version 8.0 are marked in the Changelog. Have fun!


For LibreOffice 3.3.1 or higher, 3.3 or other LibreOffice/ 3.3 or higher based office suites use the extension ZD Color Palettes 2.0 [6]!. You can download several files [4]. Have fun!

Bade 8.0

Download ZwahlenDesign Color Palettes 8.0 Security: Tested by Webutation as 100% save.

Gimp Color Palettes

ZwahlenDesign Gimp Color Palettes

  1. Base Colors 60°
  2. Base Colors 60° Küppers
  3. Base Colors 30°/50%
  4. Base Colors 6°/10%
  5. Base Colors 6°/10% Küppers
  6. Color Atlas 6°/10%
  7. Color Atlas 6°/10% DuMont 1 CM
  8. Color Atlas 6°/10% DuMont 2 MY
  9. Color Atlas 6°/10% DuMont 3 YC


«Linux für Webworker»

Antoine Johannes Kuske berichtet auf der Website nun schon in einem 8. Teil über Webdesign unter Linux oder eben «Linux für Webworker». Interessant und lesenswert. :-)

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