Setup of gpilotd-control-applet

1. Open a terminal window and type: "gpilotd-control-applet"
2. under "PDAs" -> "Add..." (or "Edit")
3. click on "Get from PDA" and the PDA button: "HocSync".
4. Change the "PDA settings" to:
Owner: "Your Name"
PDA ID: "1000" (not "0"!)
Name of PDA: "MyPDAtx" (new name)
Local folder "/home/USERNAME/MyPDAtx" (new folder)
Charset of PDA "CP1252" (for example)
5. an then click on "Send to PDA" (important)
6. if required, click the "HocSync" button.
7. and last but not least, click on "OK" Solved!

Now I and you see this dialog

The Palm TX is the second PDA with Ubuntu 10.04 and gnome-pilot applet 2.0.17